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I believe that through self awareness and conscious living you can create a life you truly love. A life that gives you permission to let go of all the baggage that’s weighing you down so that you have more time to do the things YOU want to do and be the lover, mum and friend you aspire to.

What you need is guidance and support from someone who understands that life isn’t instagram perfect all the time and who can provide you with the tools to get your from where you are now to where you want to be as seamlessly as possible. I’ve been where you are right now

The corporate years

Straight out of university with an Economics degree in hand I started a graduate program with a start up telco company. I worked hard and excelled at being placed in ‘sink or swim’ scenario’s. I loved the fast paced and dynamic tempo of the industry and the fact if you had a great idea, it was up to you to implement it. However after 10 years of 12 hour days, I started to question my purpose in life and was yearning for more meaning and making a contirbution on a more personal level. I wanted to be more than just my job.

A fork in the road

As fate would have it, I was made redundant. Whilst I knew it was coming it was still a big blow to my identity. But it was also the wake up call I’d been looking for. Seeing this as my ‘now or never’ opportunity I began to look at my life. Really look at it. I realised how much I had been doing what I thought was expected of me rather than what made me happy. So despite all advice to the contrary and a mortgage to boot, I packed my backpack and went travelling around the world to rediscover myself and get back in touch with my inner wisdom (you know that whisper of a voice that sits in the back of your head?)

Following my bliss

That trip and the ensuing training I did to become a life coach changed my life. I not only reconnected with myself but learnt the tools to maintain this back in the ‘real’ world. My mission is to show other women that there is another way to live life and you too can design a life that you love. A life that is filled with ease, joy and real connection.

Let’s do this!

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